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New Material Design Look In AdSense | ByBy Old AdSense Hello New AdSense.

Hello friends,

Google Adsense really work hard to serve us there best services, when earlier adsense release their new look i found lots of bugs in their new look,

So i decided to continue with their old design, Today AdSense clearly says that,

[Over the coming weeks, when you log in to your AdSense account, you'll be automatically taken to the new User Interface (UI). You will no longer be able to opt-out of the new UI.]

What You'll Get In New AdSense?

The new AdSense user interface (UI) is here. Over the last year, our product team has been hard at work bringing 
Material Design principles to AdSense. This new UI highlights the information that’s relevant to you on a personalized homepage and streamlines navigation.

adsense new material design look

Over the next few weeks AdSense no loger allow you to redirect to old version, They offering the new UI to AdSense publishers.  All you’ll need to do is opt in when you log in to AdSense: 

adsense new material design look

What’s new?

  • A fresh new look & feel. AdSende adopting Material Design principles with a completely redesigned homepage and menu. They roll out further improvements throughout the product soon.

  • A great new homepage. All the information you need, right where you need it. AdSense organized your homepage into a stream of interactive cards. You can pin your favorites to the top of the stream, and arrange your homepage just the way you’d like.

  • A streamlined new menu. They brought everything together in a new left hand menu.

Adsense continue to improve and refine there services over the coming months. While we’re making these improvements, you’ll still be able to find all the content and features that you’re used to–right where you expect them.


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