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How To Optimize Your AdSense Ads For Mobile

Hey Guys,
Every year thousands of people are using their phones and devices to browse web pages. In 2012, mobile made up only 11% of web traffic. In 2016, this number has risen to over 38%. Within the next couple of years, mobile traffic will easily surpass 50%.

optimize adsense ads for mobile

So that's why you need to optimize your AdSense Ad slot mobile friendly, Why?

Well, Dude its a bunch. I'll talk about my favorite!

  1. 1. This change surely increase TRAFFIC.
  2. 2. With this we can hit more REVENUE.
  3. 3. Readers get the information easily.
  4. 4. We get tons of continu readers. Etc...

This is why you need to spend your time to optimize your AdSense ads for mobile traffic. Although you can easily grab a responsive AdSense ad unit, there are more ways to optimize your ad units for mobile. It may be the easiest way, but I’ve found that the easy way usually does not always produce the best results. I’ve tested the responsive ad units on my blogs against manual optimization, and the results were staggering.

The manual optimization of my ads produced a 58% increase in my AdSense revenue.

Let's start,

1 Ad Slot for your Mobile Website.

 A large banner at the top of the Page earned the most money on my mobile site
Ads Below the title  reached more revenue for my website, or We can put the ad above the first paragraph of the post. It’s important to know that AdSense amended their policy on ads above the fold on mobile devices, and you can no longer use the 300x250 ad above the fold on mobile.

2 Hide the sidebar ads in Tablets and Mobile

The sidebar is going to be pushed down to the bottom of the post when it is viewed in mobile. This is essentially throw away any ads from your content. No one like to go away from content.

 Most premium WordPress themes will allow you to turn off ad spots in the sidebar. This will allow you to drop in an additional AdSense ad into the post to get maximum monetization from mobile.

#3 Choose the best ad grouping.

This is very important to choose right ads size for right place in top, middle, and bottom, So that you get best results from your efforts. Checkout our guide for best ads placements.

Out of all the mobile ad groupings, this one easily produced the most revenue for me. The grouping was made up of one 320x100 ad and two 250x250 ads. The first ad was below the title and above the first paragraph. The second ad was placed after the 6th paragraph of the post. The final ad was placed at the end of the post.

Now it's your turn 

I hope now your revenue will increase rapidly.


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