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How to get adsense approval faster | Get AdSense Approval Within 3 days 2017

Google Adsense! Is One of the most easier and trusted way to earn money online by showing your passion writing and showing your content on your website or blog. Google AdSense is trusted by many Advertisers and publishers from many years. Ofcorce they never accept anyone randomly who are trying for a account.

You need to show them the most professional approach of getting your account accepted, Google AdSense Account Approval The preliminary requirements for being eligible to participate in Google AdSense to become AdSense Publisher

Get AdSense Approval Within 3 or 4 days

Make sure you follow the following guidelines properly without skipping any step so you get best result.

Here is the Email received from [email protected] by applicant for the subject – “Your AdSense application status”:-

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.


If someone is already earning from YouTube, You may get email like this:-

Thank you for your interest in expanding your Google AdSense account to implement ad code on your own website. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to approve this application for the time being. Your existing AdSense account that allows you to show ads on partner sites is not affected by this disapproval.

Most common reason why you get disapproval from Adsense.

Site does not comply with Google policies
Site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies
Insufficient content (as explained in later para)

How to get adsense approval within 3 or 4 days.

Here is some basic requirements you need to fulfill to patricipate in Google AdSense program.

1-) Google Account

Most of you have already Gmail account and if you haven’t then please create a Google account needed to sign in to AdSense. All information regarding acceptance, rejection, payments etc. in relation to AdSense will be mailed to your Gmail account by Google AdSense Team.

2-) Age Requirement:

In accordance with the AdSense Terms and Conditions, applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

3-) Blog or Website:

Yes! If you have your own website then it is OK otherwise Create one free Blog with to monetize the contents on your Blogger Blogs or Websites.

Now Let's Start,

How to get Approval Faster From AdSense.

Minimum Posts/Articles

For wordpress users you need to have at least 30-40 Quality articles or posts which is 100% original not copied from anywhere, Or there is at least one relevant image in your articles. 

I personally opines that an article written within 500-800 words is more than enough instead of writing too short post with just 100-150 words.

Post Quality

I also see that many applicant get Approval even they have 20-25 quality content on their website/blog. So if you write best article with little twist so readers may look forward to see your website again.

My personal experience sed that if you write quality content so your chances to get approval will increased.

Post Quantity

If you want to get one short approval for AdSense program then please make sure you post at least 3-5 posts on weekly basis unless and until your blog/site get approved by AdSense Team.

100% Original Content

It's very important that you write your own articles insted of copying from someone's websites/blog you get tons of traffic if you write your original article so that your content is different or you may rank higher. 

Google Analytics Code

Adding Google Analytics code on your website is a trusted factor for the approval. Adding Analytics onto your website show that you are actively tracking your visitors and is much serious about the statistics of your users who visit your website. If you haven’t created one, click here 

Register the program. Once registered, 
get your tracking code by creating new account under the accounts tab and enter your website name, URL and other required details. Place the code on each page of your website to track the data instantly.

Website/Blog Age

To ensure the quality contents and keeping in mind the interest of Google Advertisers, Google AdSense has specified that the Indian and Chinese AdSense Publishers required to have owned their sites for at least 6 months. Accordingly, except India and China, there is no any minimum age obligation for either blogger blog or website to participate in Google AdSense Program.

Website Design and User Experience

Google always want their users to get the best experience while browsing through any website they refer. 

Maintaining a clean design with good navigation and user experience will boost your chances of getting AdSense approved in the first attempt itself. 

This is one of the major guidelines where lot of people miss the basics. Google believes that if you maintain professional color scheme on your website, 

the user might be willing to come back and click on the relevant ads which are displayed under your content.

XML Sitemap Page

Creating a sitemap doesn’t take too much of your time. Installing a sitemap on your website can help search engine bots to index your website faster.

Traffic sources

Your blog/site traffics must come from the genuine sources. In other words, if you got the visitors through Search Engines, Social media and feed subscribers then it is good for the AdSense approval.

But, if you try to generate traffic from unknown source so its very difficult to get Approval from AdSense because AdSense always looking Organic Traffic you must need at least 30-40 unique visitors per day.

I strongly recommend you to sign in to Google Analytics and Webmaster tools which help you to understand your blog/site contents, live visitors, unique page views, and traffic sources in dynamic ways.

Some Very Important Pages

Google wants to know your identity before you signup to their AdSense program. So make sure you create the following pages on your website as soon as possible.

  • Disclaimer Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Us
  • Terms of Usage
  • About Us

I am sure with this techniques you surely get Google Adsense approved as soon as possible. 

Now It's Your Turn. 


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