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Page-Level Ads – What's new in AdSense ad types? | page level ads for blogger

So Now publishers can make use of two new ad formats in AdSense: "Anchor ads" and "Vignette ads".

This is not new from AdSense, As like most of publishers think to apply floating ads/sticky ads on their blog/website.But now AdSense introduced their own idea behind this ads format. Now this can sounds like something Awesome. Why do I sound so reserved? Find out in my in-depth evaluation below.

I search little about it and I found the first announcement of an upcoming Anchor ad feature in the AdSense blog in November 2013 – almost 2 years ago. At that time other networks already used anchor or “sticky ads” on mobile devices, so it was time that AdSense made it available too.

What's this Page-level ads?

The Page-level ads introduced now allow you to optimize ad income on high-end mobile devices.

This is additional formats that don’t count towards the “3 ads per page limit” like normal ad units. In theory, they should help you to monetize your mobile traffic without changing your current ad setup.

AdSense didn’t just publish the anchor ads, but introduced a whole new section in the menu which separates the new Page-level ads from the widely used content ad units.
You can access the page-level ads through the My ads menu item in the top navigation and below the “Content” section in the left menu.

As shown in the figure1

What is BETA ?
The “BETA” notice tell us that this is experimental and might be removed later.

This may run for long time?

We can't say this.

As we can see 2 ad types on the page:

1-> Anchor/overlay ads

2-> Vignette ads
We can disabled this adsType, Or enable just one Or activate both. Change in the setting here won’t have any effect on your website/blog yet. You still need to include the ad code in the gadgets or as describe by AdSense inside"<head>/<body>. More on this below.

Let’s talk about this ad types.

Anchor ads
As I first think about this ad type I thought that AdSense mix this ads in other type But Yesterday I found this ad type stick at the bottom of the screen.

As shown in the figure2

I have been testing this ad type with my own website. I stopped when AdSense made it clear that this wasn’t allowed and was then happy when I was able to beta-test this new format.

Vignette ads
The ad community is not very consistant with terms so it is easy to be confused sometimes. However, I have never seen the term “Vignette ads” yet.

Maybe it is an invention from AdSense to distinguish their implementation from others, but what they just released is also widely known as “Interstitial Ads”.

As shown in the figure 3

The vignette ad is displayed when a user clicks on a link and before the next page is displayed.

I know from previous tests of pop-under formats that this vignette ad might look like a reason to leave your page at first, but users will get used to it. Since this test I am more open to such formats.

May it is not suddenly popping up, but only when a new page is loaded

 it won’t appear after every link

 it doesn’t appear for links that don’t lead to a page (e.g. javascript listeners) or feature-links like a “Log out”

 it can easily be closed



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