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Best SEO tips and tricks for blogger

Hello friends,

In this post, I want to share with you some blogger SEO tips & Tricks which will help you to get good rank in search engines and get more traffic from it. As we know that Blogger is a best free blogging platform for bloggers and most of the bloggers start their blogging career thought website. This is the second most popular blogging platform in the world for bloggers and we can create a professional blog without to spend any money.

powerful seo tricks for website blogger wordpress

But some bloggers complaining that blogger is not SEO friendly as compared to WordPress and doesn’t have the SEO plugins. But if you follow some basic tricks on your blog then you can make an SEO friendly blog. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to make a blogger blog search engine friendly. So, here I am provide you some step to step guide for you.

Let's start

1. Make Your Post Titles SEO Friendly

If you’re using the blogger default template and some custom template then you may be facing a problem that your blog title shows before blog post’s title in search engines like.

  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard

  • Select template

  • Click Edit Template

  • Search for this code


replace with

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

However if you use SEO friendly template so you dont need to apply this.

2. Enable Meta Description & Post Search Description

Meta description is a short description of the page contents and search engines show it in search results. This very important to write an SEO optimized meta description for the homepage and every post as well. In blogger, we can write a meta description for the blog and every single post, but first, you need to enable this option in your blog. To enable this option for your blog, follow the below step.

  • Go to your Blog’s Setting

  • Select Search Preferences

  • Then Meta Tags

  • Click on Enable and Yes and Write the maximum of 150 letters Meta description for your blog and save it.

  • Once you enable this option, then you can write a Meta description for each new post.

powerful seo tricks for website blogger wordpress

3. Optimize the heading tags

This is very important to use correct heading tags on-page SEO. So, this important to use h1 for blog title and h2 for post’s titles, this setting already applied in WordPress blogs. But

This another issue with blogger default which uses h3 for the post title and h2 for sidebar widget which doesn’t make your blog SEO friendly. To fix this issue follow this step.

  •  Go to Blog Template and then edit HTML.

  •  Search all h3 tags and replace with h2 in all CSS and HTML code.

  •  And change the sidebar gadget’s title to h3, to do this, search all h2 and replace with h3 in all CSS and HTML coding.

4. Optimize post’s permalink

Maybe you didn't notice that when you write an post blogger automatically generate link of your post which is not seo friendly.

Here permalink help you to generate custom link of your post so with this you can generate your custom permalink which is SEO friendly.

To make an SEO friendly permalink in blogger, click on custom link and use the target keywords in post URL instead of using the blank words like how, to, the, etc. And separate two words with dishes and create a pretty permalink for your blog. For example, we are writing a post about ” best SEO tips and tricks for blogger ” your article URL’s structure should have like this

powerful seo tricks for website blogger wordpress

5. Optimize post images

Including images in posts are very important in on-page SEO. Images not only increase the post looks ,but it can bring a huge organic traffic from search engines. But it depends on how to correctly optimize the post images. In below some key points about blogger images optimization.

  •  Try to create your own images instead to download from Google.

  •  Compressed the image size.

  •  Include target keyword in image title.

  •  Insert ALT tag to images.

Now It's Your Turn.

This is some best SEO tricks which help your blog to rank higher. If you found this post helpful. If you still have any question please comment below.


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